Today I will make an appearance at the Values Voters Summit in the afternoon plenary session at 2 pm ET, which thanks to appearances today and tomorrow by a number of GOP presidential hopefuls, will be broadcast live on C-SPAN.  By the time this post goes live, we will have already heard from John Boehner and Eric Cantor, but if you tune in to C-SPAN3 before 11 ET you may catch Rick Santorum, the first of the candidates to speak.  Rick Perry will immediately precede the panel on which I will appear, and Herman Cain follows us … thankfully.  The evening session, which starts at 7:30 ET, will feature Michele Bachmann.  Tomorrow morning we will hear from Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, but I’m not sure what the C-SPAN schedule will be.  You can also follow my Twitter feed in order to keep up with my running commentary at VVS today.

My panel will discuss new media and social issues, and here are a few of the questions will be taking:

  • From your standpoint within the “new media,”what does the media, does the media “get” values voters? If so, why do social conservatives feel so misunderstood. If not, what are the media missing?
  • In the 1960s, literary critic Marshall McLuhan coined the concept that “the medium is the message.” What effect has the Internet as a medium had in shaping the way we talk about politics and public policy today?
  • The 2012 election: Will the candidate with the most Tweets win,or is it a little more complicated than that? What do candidates need to be aware of when reaching out to win voters online? Who is doing well? What can we learn from Obama’s organizational efforts in 2008?
  • Media bias: Has the presence of conservative outlets on the web mitigated the potential damage of media bias? Is this something we have to worry about anymore?

I’d be interested in reading your responses to these questions before the panel starts.  Meanwhile, I will be reporting from the floor and trying to get interviews with some of the speakers during the day.

Note: As a speaker to VVS11, FRC paid my travel expenses for the trip, which is the extent of the compensation I will receive.