I’m spending today at the Durban Watch conference, put on by the Hudson Institute and Touro College in opposition to the UN’s celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the Durban statement — and the efforts by the Palestinians to get the UN to recognize a Palestinian state. There have already been some terrific speeches. Alan Dershowitz set the room on fire, while Elie Wiesel spoke to the soul of the world. John Bolton gave a powerful speech as well, and I’ll have both the Bolton and Wiesel speeches later today on video. After the first set of speeches, Bolton, Wiesel, Dore Gold, and actor Jon Voight met with the press,and Bolton gave an interesting answer to a question about UN’s legitimacy:

I like the idea of the “remarkably concentrating effect” the elimination of mandatory funding would bring.  If that doesn’t work, then perhaps Congress can make a change that will demonstrate exactly how that works.  I’ve also included another question to Bolton, whose answer makes clear that the efforts to have the UN General Assembly recognize the Palestinians as a sovereign state have no actual legal weight, even if successful.  The point isn’t legality, though — it’s political, which relates to Bolton’s first answer.


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