As Ed pointed out earlier, House Speaker John Boehner has played the president’s jobs speech well. Originally, when the president requested to speak before tonight’s debate, Ed and I said on TEMS that the president made a strategic error, essentially offering the GOP candidates the opportunity to rebut his speech for an entire hour and a half. I wondered why Boehner wanted to undo that opportunity by forcing Obama to address Congress tomorrow night, instead. But it’s all become pretty clear: Boehner has managed to make the president’s speech — what the White House has hyped as an address of great importance — appear insignificant. And, in fact, however stellar the sentiments the president expresses, however novel the ideas he espouses, his speech will still just be a speech. The below video from Sen. Jim DeMint’s office nicely summarizes the dismal economic information and broken promises from Democrats that underscore the simple, but ever salient point, that America needs jobs, not speeches.

Don’t miss Debbie Wasserman Schultz, starting at about 0:24, who, all evidence to the contrary, can’t seem to stop herself from touting the president’s failed stimulus!

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