Via the Daily Caller. Pro tip: The “you’re so wrong that you deserve to be shunned for your wrongness” approach works better when the number of people who agree with you is growing, not shrinking. That said, I do prefer this strategy to listening to him shriek with rage. If we’re going to go this route, though, should we really stop at shunning? It took more than scolding during personal conversations to turn the tide against racism; men and women had to march and Congress had to act. I wonder how far the Goracle would be willing to go legislatively to force the average American to accept his agenda. According to him, this is a crisis of utmost urgency and consequence, and according to the Supreme Court, the Commerce Clause can do almost anything these days. Put the two together and they could make regulatory magic.

Speaking of Congress acting against racism, I’m giving you two clips here. Do not miss the second one. Even if you get bored from Gore’s droning, I promise that the Beck video will make up for it. Click the image to watch.