This isn’t a great time for the “green” movement. When even the New York Times refers to green-jobs promises as “a pipe dream,” then one knows that the industry is facing a downturn. What about all of the so-called “green” products that the government pushed people to use, like the CFL bulbs that turn into a haz-mat issue when broken? Steven Crowder’s latest video features Crazy Pete and a clearance sale:

Crazy Pete’s isn’t the only place discounting green.  A year ago, the Obama administration promised to reinstall solar panels at the White House, to heat water and supply some electricity.  Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the plans last October, much to the delight of the Huffington Post.  Like so many promises from this administration, though, it’s all sunshine and no delivery:

In October, Energy Secretary Steven Chu pledged that solar panels and a solar hot water heater would be installed on the White House roof before the start of summer.

Now, summer is almost over, the 2012 election campaign is well under way, and there are still no solar panels on the White House roof.

Why? That’s a mystery.

The Energy Department will say only that the project is mired in the “competitive procurement process.” Spokeswoman Joelle Terry declined to go into details of the holdup. Questions about when that process might be completed also were rebuffed. So were queries about the projected cost of adding the panels and where the panels would be located.

The National Park Service, which put solar panels on White House outbuildings during the administration of President George W. Bush, said it couldn’t comment on why the previous installation was completed more quickly. It directed questions to the White House, where press spokesman Clark Stevens deferred to the Department of Energy, where spokeswoman Terry stuck to her original statement.

The Bush administration turned out to be more green — or at least more competently green — than the Obama administration.  What. A. Shock.  Apparently, there isn’t any such thing as a shovel-ready project, even at the White House.

Now take this example of bureaucratic bumbling on a no-brainer project like this and extrapolate it across the billions of dollars Obama has spent on green-jobs stimulus over the last 30 months.  Small wonder the NYT calls it a pipe dream; this administration can’t even get conduit installed in its own residence.