One of the nastiest basketbrawls you’ll ever see, made more surreal by the fact that the Hoyas were in China on a goodwill tour. Usually these things involve some shoving and jersey-grabbing, but not this time. Pay attention at 24 seconds in as a Georgetown player falls to the floor and a Chinese player drops to his knees to punch him in the face — repeatedly. Meanwhile, here’s a nice photo of some degenerate rushing onto the court to stomp on another fallen Georgetown player’s stomach. Apparently this is par for the course: Chinese players have been fined tens of thousands of dollars for fighting over the last few years by international basketball bodies. Maybe it’s ‘roid rage? You know how China is when it comes to gaining a competitive edge.

How nasty did it get? This nasty:

Georgetown Coach John Thompson III pulled his players off the court with 9 minutes 32 seconds left in the game and the scored tied at 64 after a chaotic scene in which members of both teams began throwing punches and tackling one another.

Georgetown senior center Henry Sims had a chair tossed at him by an unidentified person, and freshman forward Moses Ayegba, who was wearing a brace on his sore right ankle, walked onto the court with a chair in his right hand. According to Georgetown officials, Ayegba had been struck, prompting him to grab a chair in self-defense.

It was the second time both benches emptied in physical game marred by fouls…

The Chinese police had been watching the tensions escalate to the point of physical confrontations but made no attempts to break up any of the fights taking place on the court.

As the Hoyas left the court, Chinese fans threw plastic water bottles at them, which turns out to be another fine tradition for visiting hoops teams over there. It takes a lot to get a diehard Syracuse fan like me rooting for G-town, but this’ll do it. Kudos to whoever thought a goodwill tour involving China’s “rollerball” take on basketball was a smart idea.