It didn’t take long for a media contributor to win Allahpundit’s “Perry makes us miss Bush” contest.  In fact, it took only a little over 12 hours for CNN’s Will Cain to make the comparison Allahpundit predicted.  In fact, CNN helpfully made it clear that Cain won by titling this video clip “Perry is George W. Bush on Steroids”:

Cain then notes all of the differences between Perry and Bush, which hardly sustains the hypothesis. So, instead of continuing the comparison to Bush, Cain starts comparing him to … Richard Nixon. Cain says that Perry has the “anti-version” of Bush’s “charisma and charm” that made people want to vote for Bush. This news will be a surprise to anyone who has actually watched Perry in action. What’s next — a comparison to J. Edgar Hoover? Dracula?

Suddenly, though, it seems like Cain wants to talk about the reasons that people wanted to vote for, and like, George W. Bush as a contrast to Perry. That’s a contest winner.

Besides, if we’re talking about the Left’s idea of Bush on steroids — a unilateralist cowboy who starts wars, as is mentioned in this clip — doesn’t Barack Obama qualify better than Perry after refusing to get Congressional approval for American military action?