Stephen Colbert’s farcical Super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, has come out with it’s first campaign advertisement aimed at Iowa. (Haven’t located an approved site with embeddable video yet, so you’ll need to go here if you want to view it.) Titled, “Episode IV: A New Hope” it spends the first half of its run time complaining about all of the unlimited money from Super PACs being used to promote Rick Perry, and then asks, “what about our unlimited Super PAC money? We want you to vote for Rick Perry, too. But not their Rick Perry. Our Rick Parry. With an A.” (The “A” is for America and Iowa.)

The Hill points out that what started out as a joke is beginning to backfire in some quarters of the real political world.

Colbert’s joke to form his own super PAC became a decision with real-life implications for campaign finance.

In June The Federal Election Commission ruled that Colbert could form his eponymous political action committee and use his show to promote it.

His satirical campaign to form a “super PAC” originally pleased campaign finance reform advocates because it brought attention to their cause. Howver, (sic) they became concerned that the joke would backfire.

In the end, this is still just comedy, whether it’s your personal cup of tea or not. Colbert is promoting Colbert, not some particular candidate, party or ideology. But he does continue to raise pertinent – if uncomfortable – questions. It’s difficult for anyone who supported the Citizens United decision to turn around and claim that he shouldn’t be doing this, unless it’s in terms of his making a mockery of what is intended to be a serious process.

Perhaps the larger question is, how does this guy raise so much money through his “Colbert Nation” for stunts like this when actual candidates and causes have trouble bringing in donors? And shouldn’t some of these kids be supporting real activism and reform, rather than funding a traveling sideshow? But what the heck… I still enjoy his show.