Occasionally, Barack Obama offers an idea that makes him seem terribly out of touch with the people he’s supposed to lead. Ah, heck, it’s more than just occasionally, as Guy Benson discovered after one of Obama’s press conferences this month.  (Which one?  Who can keep track?)  Guy found ten choice quotes from presser, a couple of which we’ve already covered in the OOTD series, but a couple have to be added to the series.

First, Obama told the press corps that Republican proposals to cut the budget would interfere with the well-loved American tradition of, er, expanding government:

We’re not out here trying to use this as a means of doing all these really tough political things. I’d rather be talking about stuff that everybody welcomes — like new programs

No, not everyone welcomes the idea of new federal programs.  In fact, we have quite a few we’d like to end.

And this one, quite frankly, makes me wonder how Obama’s reputation of a deep thinker developed in the first place:

You may hear the argument that why not just go ahead and do all the cuts and we can debate the revenue issues in the election — right? You’ll hear that from some Republicans. The problem is, is that if you don’t do the revenues, then to get the same amount of savings you’ve got to have more cuts.

It took Obama this long to figure out that cuts are an alternative to increasing taxes?  Most of us had that figured out already, big guy.  That’s why we elected a Republican House in 2010, and why we’re likely to elect a Republican President in 2012.


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