Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney resorted to cheap shots and evasion when Fox White House correspondent Ed Henry pressed him for details about the president’s plan to reduce the deficit in return for a debt ceiling increase. Today, he dismissed the work it took for the Republican Study Committee to actually craft a plan (yes, that would be Cut, Cap and Balance!) as a waste of time.

“We have been intensely engaged in negotiations and conversations and proposals … in search of a solution to this problem that’s balanced and fair,” Carney said at today’s White House briefing with reporters. “One of the problems we face here is that while we were engaged in that … we were told the House had to go through the ritual of debating, crafting, debating and voting on a measure that everyone knew from the start would never become law. That ate up a week.”

Really? The legislative process is just a meaningless ritual of “crafting, debating and voting”? Carney also clearly has no idea how long Cut, Cap and Balance was in the making. It was the fruit of long thought and represented an attempt to find a true solution, not merely a deal. Carney’s timeline is clearly skewed by how late Obama was to the party.

Carney similarly characterized House Speaker John Boehner’s present attempt to refine the plan he presented two days ago as an exercise in futility. Could it be any clearer just how much disdain Obama has for concrete details in his epic quest for “a balanced approach” to the debt crisis?