If you wonder what’s wrong with Obamanomics, this passage from Barack Obama’s second press conference on the debt-ceiling debate should explain it, emphasis mine:

So my general view is that if the American people looked at this, they’d say, boy, some of these decisions are tough, but they don’t require us to gut Medicare or Social Security. They don’t require us to stop helping young people go to college. They don’t require us to stop helping families who’ve got a disabled child. They don’t require us to violate our obligations to our veterans. And they don’t require “job-killing tax cuts.” [sic]

Does Barack Obama believe that tax cuts kill jobs?  It seems so, because the passage doesn’t make sense if “cuts” is replaced by “hikes.”  Obama is arguing for tax hikes, not against them.  The Washington Times’s Joseph Curl notes that even the White House staff couldn’t make much sense of this:

A statement President Obama made halfway through his news conference last week was so unfathomable, so utterly incomprehensible, that befuddled White House stenographers simply gave up and tacked a “[sic]” next to it.

Maybe we should put a [sic] next to every economic policy coming out of the White House.  It certainly describes the resulting American economy 30 months into the Obama presidency.

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