News of the World not withstanding, it seems that evil media magnate Rupert Murdoch has been up to these old tricks for a long time. Or at least according to one of America’s most reliable sources on pop culture and social issues.

Roseanne Barr had a tough go when she first became famous, losing her mind “like Charlie Sheen,” she tells Chelsea Handler on “Chelsea Lately.” Part of the reason for her difficulties was the intense media scrutiny she dealt with. To that end, Barr tells Handler that Rupert Murdoch, who yesterday testified before British parliament about the News of the World hacking scandal, was behind some of the dubious reporting tactics Barr had to endure.

“I’m so happy to see Rupert Murdoch’s stuff crumbling, because when he came to our country, I was one of his first targets. He tapped my phones and people went through my garbage, and all that kind of stuff does kind of drive you crazy.”

That’s some bad stuff to be sure, and stuff. And precisely the type of stuff we shouldn’t tolerate in a free and open media market and stuff. In fact, the Bill of Rights is full of all kinds of stuff that should protect somebody like Roseanne from this sort of stuff.

Oh, we also have some video stuff of this story to fill you in on the rest of the, errr… stuff.