I’m tempted to poll you guys on this, but no matter how many of you answer “no,” I’m just going to assume that you’re pranking us.

Granted, it’s a slow news day we all expect the media to strain for new angles on Weinergate to keep a juicy story rolling, but c’mon. Show of hands, ladies: How many of you are okay with your man texting another woman, “ridiculous bulge in my shorts now. wanna see?”

“Would you text it, post it, send it with your spouse looking over your shoulder?” asks Austin, 52, who works in corporate public relations and takes no issue with his wife’s frank appraisal of the situation. “If yes, then it’s not infidelity. If no, you’re cheating.”…

[S]ome [people], says Kimberly Young, director of the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery, experience a more dangerous sense of detachment, somehow convincing themselves once the laptop is closed: “I didn’t really do that. That wasn’t me.” And they don’t see their actions as infidelity…

Is the Weiner scandal — in which the married congressman finally confessed, after days of denying it, to tweeting a lewd crotch photo of himself to a woman in Seattle — a Mars vs. Venus moment? Do men see it differently than women?

Psychologist Gail Saltz thinks so. “For men, the sexual act is much more disturbing than anything else,” says Saltz, who sees many couples in her Manhattan practice. “For women, what constitutes a betrayal is any emotional or sexual interaction.”

Is that right? So the going theory here is that men might tolerate their wives sexting guys so long as there’s no actual coitus? Show of hands, fellas: How many of you are okay with your lady texting another man, “i have never wanted to b**g someone so bad who I’ve never even met”? How is this an actual news story?

I don’t know. Maybe, as a single guy, I can’t fully appreciate the profound trust that characterizes a loving, successful marriage. Let’s ask a married man what he thinks.