In a CNN poll released yesterday, nearly half of those polled said they prefer President Barack Obama’s approach to Medicare to the GOP plan. Predictably, the poll, with its overwhelmingly dreary news for Republicans, led some in the GOP to ask: Will the Ryan plan cost us in 2012?

But for those who actually care about the future of Medicare, that question is all wrong. At the moment, President Obama doesn’t even have a plan to reform the program. A better question to ask would be: “Where’s your plan, President Obama?”

Fortunately, some have begun to ask just that question — and they happen to be those voters with the largest stake in the reform debate. This week, Let Freedom Ring and the College Republican National Committee launched, a youth website petitioning President Obama to present a substantive plan to save Medicare. The site’s petition reads:

Dear President Obama,

We’re the generation with the biggest stake in the Medicare reform debate. Medicare trustees report it will be bankrupt in 13 years.

We want Medicare for our generation if we’re going to be forced to pay into the program.

You don’t have a plan to make it solvent.

The GOP does.

Mr. President: Where’s Your Plan?

You can’t criticize a serious plan, until you’ve presented your own.

Whoever crafted the CNN poll must not have minded misleading voters with questions that offered no real specifics. But Let Freedom Ring and the College Republican National Committee refuse to let President Obama — or CNN — off the hook.

“How can CNN possibly poll whether Americans prefer Obama’s or Ryan’s approach to Medicare when the president doesn’t have an approach?” said Alex Cortes, 22-year-old executive director of Let Freedom Ring. “Putting aside his moral obligation to save the program for our generation, he should present a plan at the very least so CNN can conduct an honest poll.”

At the very, very least.