Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said today he’s a fan of the “Twilight” series, even though he doesn’t like or personally know any vampires:

“I mean I like the Twilight series,” Romney said during a recent NBC “Today Show” appearance.

The Massachusetts conservative added that his grandchild inspired him to check out the bestselling novels, which were penned by fellow Mormon Stephenie Meyer.

“I thought it was fun,” Romney added. “I don’t like vampires personally, I don’t know any but you know my granddaughter was reading it and I thought, well this looks like fun so I read that.”

I’ve always given Romney points for a certain intangible “presidential” presence, but now I can’t picture him without also picturing those life-size cardboard cutouts of Edward Cullen. I read the first two “Twilight” books before I could bear them no longer — and it bothers me, mildly, that Romney can stomach the rubberstamp relationships the series romanticizes. All the men in the book bow to Bella’s whims — not exactly pictures of principled leadership. I hope Romney was just trying to prove his pop culture savvy and didn’t actually like the books. Either way, at least he doesn’t know any vampires personally … That’s a relief.