This weekend, I made my debut on Fox Business Channel’s Tom Sullivan Show as a talking head, and as you’ll see, I had a pretty good time.  Sullivan matched me up with FBC reporter Adam Shapiro and media strategist Erica Payne, who represented the liberal point of view in the debate.  Sullivan posed the question of political risk in pursuing Medicare reform in the first part of the segment, noting that people want government to spend less but don’t want their benefits cut.  He also argued that Democrats are better at messaging to the latter point, even though I argue that benefit cuts aren’t necessarily what’s happening — and both Shapiro and I point out that it won’t affect current Medicare recipients in any case:

As I note, it’s easier to demagogue than it is to argue, and Payne gives a brilliant demonstration of this in her reply to me by saying that Republicans just want to abandon seniors.  It’s a lively exchange and probably the most fun of the segment.  We also debate the Newt Gingrich tempest in a Tiffany’s teapot and the Chrysler bailout claims of having paid in full the taxpayer interventions, which are ludicrous on their face.

I may be coming back for more appearances on Tom’s show, so be sure to keep your eyes open.  This will replay again at 7 pm ET tonight if you want to catch the full show.