There’s no denying that President Obama’s recent whirlwind tour through the UK and the Emerald Isles produced a wealth of entertainment options or annoyances – depending who you asked – for our Special Relationship Partners across the pond. Whether he was stealing Doc Emmit Brown’s “back in time” thunder, stepping on the Queen’s protocol with a poorly paced toast, or informing the Irish that they were an occupied nation, plenty of fun was had by all. (As a side note, if Obama provides Ed Morrissey with any more freebies for the Obamateurism of the Day series, Ed may wind up having to vote for him just to keep the material flowing.)

But there is, as the saying goes, no accounting for taste. Some folks just can’t seem to keep their eyelids propped open for the West Wing Comedy Tour, no matter how golden the material. Brought to us courtesy of The Blaze, it seems that British Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke was not going to let a little thing like a speech by the American President cut into his nap time.

Sweet dreams, sir. Trust me… I listened to the entire thing back home and you really didn’t miss all that much.

Brits snooze while Obama speaks