The Achilles heel of the Democrats over the first decade of this century was widely perceived to be national security, and GWB’s 2004 reelection victory was largely credited to voter concerns in that area. The Donkey party continued to struggle in trying to make inroads on the issue, and putting up a Vietnam war veteran against Bush didn’t help much. That’s why the President might have hoped that he had struck gold in some tough-to-mine terrain when OBL was taken out. Sadly, as Rasmussen reports, the timing was off by a few years.

Just eight percent (8%) of voters nationwide currently rate national security issues such as the War on Terror as their top voting issue. That’s down from 20% on Election Day 2008 when Barack Obama was elected and down from 41% on Election Day 2004 when George W. Bush was reelected.

Rasmussen Reports tracking data shows that 46% now rate the economy as their top voting issue, a figure that has remained fairly constant during Obama’s time in office. When Bush was reelected in 2004, just 26% rated the economy as their top issue. The importance of economic issues grew when the recession arrived. Daily consumer tracking shows that the number of Americans who rate their own personal finances as good or excellent has fallen since Obama’s inauguration and even more sharply since the fall of 2008.

At this point the Democrats are beginning to look like the guy who always manages to buy stock the day before the market tanks. When the nation was highly concerned over national security, they couldn’t score any points on the field in that area and the GOP was left to run wild. Now, as soon as Obama scores a major PR hit in the War on Terror, Americans are happy about it, but almost immediately go back to wondering when they will get a job and if the national economy is going to collapse beneath the weight of the debt.

This reinforces the previous assumptions about how Obama’s bounce in the polls following the stunning success of SEAL Team Six could have been as shallow and short lasting as it was. Yes, it was great for the country. But unfortunately for Barack Obama, it’s simply not where their priorities are at the moment.