I’ve visualized Hot Air’s Presidential votes before, but this is the first time you get to play with some of the data. To zoom in, hover over the cursor arrow button at the bottom of the widget, and a zoom option should appear. Then click where you want to zoom. To zoom onto a specific area, click and hold using the zoom tool, and drag a box over the area you want to focus on. To zoom out, hold “CTRL” and click where you want to zoom out from. To highlight a candidate, click the little pen that appears when you hover your cursor over “My choice for President is:”, and then click the candidate’s name. Holding shift as you click allows you to choose more than one candidate at a time. To return all the candidates to the map, click the little pen again. Hover over a pinpoint to learn more about the data there. You can find a larger version of the map here.

Would love to hear your thoughts about what I’m doing, survey-wise, visualization-wise, or otherwise. Feedback very welcome.

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