The magic begins at 4:45 p.m. ET, livestreaming at and at the White House’s FB page. As I write this, with more than 2,000 votes tallied, some 97 percent of you say you’re planning to skip it. A grave mistake, my friends, for several reasons. One: He’s all but given up on talking about Libya — for good reason — so this may be your last opportunity for awhile to hear him say something about it. Two: Today is 420 and the media platform is geared towards younger voters, so he’s all but assured an entertainingly squirm-inducing question on marijuana legalization. The only mystery is whether it’ll come before or after the question about our looming fiscal catastrophe. Three: Speaking of which, there’s a slight chance he’ll be pressed to explain to those voters why they should continue paying into an entitlement system that can’t possibly survive in its current form until they reach retirement. That issue might be raised a time or two next year on the stump if the GOP nominee’s smart, so he may as well start honing his answer now.

Exit question: Between the Democrats’ desperate clinging to Medicare/Social Security and the ObamaCare mandate requiring otherwise healthy twentysomethings to buy insurance, is there any demographic that’s been hosed more thoroughly in the first two years of Hopenchange than young adults?