If only we were as smart as the liberals in 2008 who secretly knew that The One would keep Gitmo open, extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, start a third war in Libya while ignoring the War Powers Act, make a mockery of his own campaign blather about presidential signing statements, etc etc etc. Anyway, I think this question will be fair to ask if, six months from now and after endless examination of his dubious “conservative” record, he’s still ahead in the polls. As it is, and as Club for Growth chief Chris Chocola tries to explain here before realizing he can’t get a word in edgewise, Trump’s currently surfing a tide of name ID, aggressiveness towards Obama, entrepreneurial credibility, and a seal of quasi-approval from Rush Limbaugh, who’s given him a megaphone on his show more than once over the past few weeks. Already, though, there’s evidence that the infatuation is fading. He’s third in Iowa in today’s new PPP poll, behind both Huckabee and Romney; despite the fact that fully 48 percent(!) of Republican voters there believe Obama was born outside the U.S., Trump’s overall favorable rating is just 41/40. Once the word gets out about, say, his prior support for universal health care, what does he do to rebuild his numbers?

Speaking of Trump and the Club for Growth, click here to listen to his new friend Mike Huckabee defend him from CFG’s allegedly scurrilous attacks. Huck and the Club are enemies of longstanding, so this was his opportunity to settle a score. Problem is, the Club’s criticism of Trump wasn’t scurrilous: You can read their fact sheet on him here. What’s inaccurate or nitpicky about them objecting to a 25 percent tariff on Chinese goods or prior support for universal health care, which would be toxic to any candidate in the field this year (including ones not named “Romney”)? Click the image to watch.

Update: In fairness to Matthews, Jonah Goldberg asks a similar question here.