Rep Paul Ryan called Barack Obama the “Campaigner-in-Chief” after yesterday’s budget speech, and Senator Marco Rubio follows up that criticism this morning on Fox News. “How can you call [Obama’s plan] a debt-reduction plan,” Rubio asks, “when it adds $8 trillion to the national debt?” Obama’s position, Rubio claims, appears to be that he’s against adding $12 trillion to our debt but supports adding two-thirds of that amount. Starting off by demagoguing the one actual proposal that tries to provide a parachute to fiscal balance is no way to move forward toward a solution:

Rubio also says he’ll vote against the budget deal when — and if — it gets to the Senate, saying it takes the US “in the wrong direction.” “This problem won’t solve itself,” Rubio explains, and says that his colleagues on Capitol Hill are in denial about the problem and its scope. He’s also planning to vote to defund Planned Parenthood, saying no program should be considered untouchable.