I’m not sure what part of the video is the most humorous. Is it the corrupt, disgraced former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, offering his “f*****g golden” rating to Wisconsin’s fleebaggers? The “covert” investigation into northern Illinois? The “checkpoints” at which the Daily Show’s investigative reporter stops? Actually, on that last point, they might have done better to point out the proliferation of toll booths throughout the state rather than risk a lawsuit from Taco Bell after implying they got food poisoning from their chalupa.

No, the most humorous part of this video has to be Joe Erpanbach, one of the Wisconsin 14 who refuse to participate in the legislative process because they can’t win votes any more, declaring that the fleebaggers “love American democracy!” He claims to represent the “majority of Wisconsin voters” despite Democrats having lost the last election in which voters expressed their mandate. Perhaps Erpenbach might get a job doing satire on the Daily Show later, but Jon Stewart should be wary of hiring him, because Erpenbach has a bad history of absenteeism.

Weirdest revelation of all: A Scottish version of Hooters? Maybe it makes the haggis tolerable.