Via the Daily Caller.

“Weird how Christie says absolutely *nothing* about the current president who can’t open his piehole w/o a teleprompter, but goes after Palin…

[email protected] is bad on immigration, 2nd amendment, & supports cap & tax. And he has the gall to even *talk* about Palin?…

“I’m wondering, how long would @GovChristie, @INGovernor & @MittRomney survive under the same kind of scrutiny Palin has for years?”

“Chris Christie says what I’ve been saying forever: If Palin wants to prove she has the mettle to stand up to Ahmadinejad, she has to show the mettle of standing up David Gregory and George Stephanopolous. Her FaceBook/Friendly Media agenda proves she can, like Barack Obama, give a fine interview when gently questioned; it doesn’t prove she can actually stand up to the fire.

“I keep hearing she’s the only candidate who’s been baptized by fire but I haven’t actually seen her in fire for quite a long time.

“But Chris Christie, and I, are bad people for noting this, or bad people for wondering what it will take for Palin to reverse her horrible unfavorable ratings.”

“We thought perhaps Christie was just too damn lazy to watch 60 minutes of unscripted Palin. So, we figured we’d help him out. We compiled this short 14 minute video of Governor Palin addressing a wide range of issues including healthcare, deficit, budget, energy, environment, foreign policy, civil debate and much more unscripted in front of a group of socially liberal Democrats and Republicans in an area where the Democrat Party is strong.

“Christopher, it took us quite a while to compile this just for you. We assume you’ll take the time to watch it.”