Oh, the irony in this clip, on which our Green Room contributor Lori Ziganto has already commented. Why, pray tell, is this counter-protester a “bad Jew” in the estimation of this activist from the Communication Workers of America? Because he’s not, er, healing the world.  No, seriously:

Note that this exchange started with a union activist implying that the counterprotesters were racists because of a supposed lack of diversity.  Given this incident yesterday, the expropriation of the Holocaust by union protesters in Madison, and the response above, this appears to be a case of projection at best.

Speaking of which, will the Left rise as one to denounce the inherent bigotry and violence of union protests as demonstrated in this video from the Boss Emeritus?  Please note the de rigeur Official Content Warning as a protester calls a public-access reporter a “faggot” and then curiously offers to “f**k you in the ass,” which also appears to be a case of projection.  The fun assault starts at 7:32 in the clip:

Union activists — they can shut down state legislatures, hijack public policy, explain Nazi history as entirely a union-opposition movement, assault people on the street, and can give a qualitative estimation of Jewishness in an instant.  Is there anything they can’t do?  Well, except for that whole healing-the-world thing, of course.

I think that Jim Geraghty underestimated the irony value of these union protests.  It goes way beyond 1.21 gigawatts.

Update: Be sure to read this post by my friend John Hinderaker at Power Line at the unhinged attacks on the Koch brothers as well.  A sample:

A day doesn’t go by–hardly an hour goes by–without some new attack being launched against these two lonely libertarians.

Why? Simply because they are rich–their company is one of the best-run and most successful in the world–and conservative. The Left is trying to drive them out of politics and, more important, to deter any other people of means from daring to support conservative politicians or causes.

Understand, the Left has nothing against rich people participating in politics. Most rich people who are politically active are liberals, and the Democratic Party gets much more of its support from the wealthy than the GOP. George Soros is only the most famous of a battalion of sugar daddies who fund every left-wing cause. But the Left wants a monopoly. They want wealthy people to be barred from political participation unless they toe the liberal line. Hence their increasingly vicious attacks on the Koch brothers; they are trying to make an example of them.

John has plenty more, so RTWT.

Update II: Two quick points about the second video.  The union protester is alleged to have shoved the cameraman, although some in the comments say they can’t see that here.  Check Michelle’s blog for more details.  Second, the legal definition of assault is the credible threat of violence; if fulfilled, it becomes assault and battery.  Telling a reporter to leave or “I’ll f*** you in the ass” is assault all on its own.  Almost twenty years ago, I testified in a misdemeanor assault trial in a case with no physical contact between the perpetrator and the victim, and the defendant was convicted of the charge.

You are not allowed to physically contact someone else, nor threaten to do so, with the intent to do harm, unless you’re acting in self-defense.

Update III: I’ve been apprised of a factual error made in two posts today.  It was not 1.2 gigawatts in Back to the Future, it was 1.21 gigawatts.  The fact that I’ve gotten this correction from multiple sources tells me one thing … you’re my kind of people.