Is Scott Walker going to have to “apologize”?

The Rev. Jesse Jackson arrived around noon Friday, speaking to the near-capacity crowd for about five minutes. From the second level of the Capitol rotunda, he led the crowd in chants including “Save the teachers. Save the children.” Protesters swayed as Jackson led them in a rendition of the song, “We Shall Overcome.”

“If we can find the money to bail out wealthy businessmen, we can bail out Madison, Wisconsin!” Jackson yelled, to thunderous applause from the crowd, many of them clad in Badger red.

Wait…wouldn’t a bailout of Madison mean more along the lines of, you know, saving them from bankruptcy? Like…Walker’s plan? Of course, the problem is that nobody at the protest needs to be “bailed out”. What they face is minor contributions from their paycheck towards their benefits, which most working people are used to. But then, Jesse Jackson has always been one to jump to the side of whoever feels entitled to something from the government, or, more specifically, the taxpayers.

Isn’t this guy’s career over yet? Maybe he can rip Walker’s nuts off.

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