I actually came across this when looking for the water fountain (you can see me briefly in the background at the thirteen-minute mark), but Eddie Becker caught the whole conversation as white nationalist Jamie Kelso attempted to recruit at CPAC. A group of young attendees, and a few older conservatives as well, at first politely rebuff Kelso’s racist arguments, and then begin aggressively arguing with him in the hallway. Ron Paul supporters told him four times to take off his Campaign for Liberty button and paraphernalia. In the end, Kelso ends up arguing that only whites can “save the whales,” which might surprise Norwegians who have been defying whale-hunting bans for decades, and finally fleeing the scene.

Kelso must have spent too much time listening to mainstream media painting conservatives as proto-racists. The young people at CPAC sent him packing, presumably off to another venue where he can take credit for Galileo and da Vinci.

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