I can appreciate everyone’s interest in promoting their candidates. I am not, however, keen on folks trying to vote multiple times to throw the results. It’s very, very easy to figure out if certain candidate backers are trying to stuff the ballot box, 1.) through the source of the vote, 2.) the combination of candidates chosen, particularly at the top of the ticket, and 3.) the timestamp on those votes. When people violate the clearly stated rules, their votes are removed from the published totals.

To reiterate: It is not to your advantage to try and fail to get more than one vote through; in fact, it hurts your candidate. I want this to be a fairly representative poll, but as I’ve indicated, there have been some real consequences to the ACORN-ing major candidate backers out there. (Side note: Whose backers are trying to game this poll is revealing in its own way.)

So we’re going to try this again. I’ve added three new candidates to the mix: Rudy Giuliani, Jon Huntsman, and Michele Bachmann. I’ve also added a pair of security questions to hopefully deter double-, triple-, or several-dozen-times-over voters. It’s already easy to find these voters; hopefully the security questions will make it less palatable to try it anyway.

I hope voters don’t try to game the system this time around. Please abide by the rules.

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