On Thursday, I caught up with Pajamas Media chief Roger Simon and had a few moments to chat with him about the new edition of his memoirs, Turning Right at Hollywood and Vine: The Perils of Coming Out Conservative in Tinseltown.  According to Roger, those perils have somewhat lessened in the years since he first wrote the memoir, and Hollywood conservatives have asserted themselves in the industry. Even the Bush-bashing has declined.

At the same time, the love affair between Tinseltown and Barack Obama seems to have faded, Roger tells us, and for a couple of reasons. That love affair never got past the stump speeches, and Obama’s lack of success seems to have dimmed the ardor considerably for him in the entertainment industry. Hollywood loves success, after all, and in the end that town is run by capitalists; Roger calls this the “great masquerade” in his book.  I refer to the phenomenon as “limousine liberal[ism],” which Roger says is “the polite term” for it.

The lesson for conservatives in Hollywood, Roger advises, is not to take a page from liberals and become “victicrats,” attempt to trade on victimhood to demand. They need to produce good product, and Roger says that the product from Hollywood has already begun to reflect their influence.  I mention The Blind Side, which won an Academy award for Sandra Bullock, and I could have mentioned The Hurt Locker, which won the Best Picture, and Roger mention’s The King’s Speech, which Roger considers a great movie with solid conservative values (which I have yet to see).

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