Lest you think the Goracle is a mere figurehead who woke up last week to find Olby and his mountain of baggage dumped in his lap — nope. He’s a quite willing participant in this arrangement. Ace wondered yesterday: Now that we’ve entered the Age of Civility, with Democrats and Republicans cheek by jowl at the SOTU in hopes of averting the next Tucson (which had nothing to do with civility in the first place), why is the most famously uncivil liberal on television being given his own show and an equity stake on a network founded by a Nobel Peace Prize winner?

There’s a silver lining for you if you’re looking for one — yet another reminder of what a fraud the left’s recent “civility” kick is.

“We’ve been friends for a while,” Gore told The Hollywood Reporter during a press breakfast in New York on Wednesday.

A contract was quickly hammered out. But it was Gore who convinced Olbermann to join the network, say sources. The former vice president and co-founder of Current was a fan of Countdown where he had also been a guest in the past…

Sources tell THR that that agreement also stipulates that Olbermann cannot work for any network considered a competitor.

“He had no choice but to go to a place like Current because his non-compete excluded just about every other place,” said an MSNBC insider…

In a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, Olbermann described the show as “an improved, amplified and stronger version of the show that I just did at my previous network.”

What does “amplified and stronger” mean? Adding an F-bomb when he tells a Republican to “shut the hell up”? Instead of claiming that Fox News is worse for America than Al Qaeda, he’ll say it’s “a lot worse”?

According to THR, Current was the lowest-rated network in primetime for the fourth quarter of 2010; have a look at some of the clips Business Insider pulled together and you’ll see why. At least, though, this proves that Gore made a smart business decision in signing Olbermann. As for AOL and their own recent high-profile liberal pick-up, you tell me.

Update: Ed Driscoll says this is a perfect match. Remember who it was who once described his critics as “digital brownshirts”? Hint: Not Olby.