By some estimates, the amount of money that will be wagered on tomorrow’s battle for the Lombardi Trophy will exceed one billion dollars world-wide. But not all of them are the typical bets on which team will win or lose, the total score or the point spread. In fact, some of them don’t even have anything to do with the actual game.

There are some prop bets during the Super Bowl that are intriguing — real puzzles that offer potential value and should get at least a look from serious NFL handicappers. And then there are these ones. These are some of the growing number of odd Super Bowl bets that sports books offer — as much to get noticed as anything else.

  • Will Christina Aguilera wear a cowboy hat when she sings the national anthem?
  • Length of Christina Aguilera’s anthem – ‘over/under’ 1:52
  • How many times will Fox say ‘Brett Favre’ during the broadcast? – ‘over/under’ 2.5
  • What side of the ball will the players that perform the Gatorade shower be from?
  • Will any player do a Lambeau Leap after a TD?

These are interesting enough I suppose, but surely they don’t go far enough. I have tremendous confidence that the Hot Air faithful can come up with some better ones. Here’s a few suggestions just to set the tone.

  • Which hot girlfriend of one of the players will be shown on camera first? (Bonus 12:1 odds if it’s one of the punters)
  • How long after kickoff will one of the sportscasters mention the last collapse of a football dome from snow? (Over/Under 17 minutes)
  • Will Jesse Ventura show up even though he’s from Minnesota? (4:1) Wearing a boa? (17:1)
  • With the Jets out of it, will any foot jokes still be told? (39:1)

Tomorrow we shall arise and begin our pre-game preparations. And without New York, I’ll be pulling for the Steelers. Best of luck. And don’t miss some of the new commercials. The Budweiser ones look particularly good again.