I know what you’re thinking, but no, his point here isn’t that tea partiers are dangerous regressive fanatics that must never be trusted with power. He’s already made that argument, silly; why would he need to repeat it? No, what he’s after in this clip is an electoral analogy. Just as the tea party represents populist discontent with the impure Republican establishment, so too does the Ikhwan represent populist discontent in Egypt with the infidel Mubarak. I suppose there’s some very, very rough parallel available in any “people vs. the establishment” dynamic, although the same parallel would presumably apply to the netroots vis-a-vis Joe Lieberman and Blanche Lincoln and other squishy Blue Dogs, no? Occasionally they issue a fatwa, and occasionally it’s carried out. Why, Ned Lamont’s victory in ’06 was almost like Khomeini toppling the shah, wasn’t it? Analogies are fun! (Actually, Matthews hates the netroots too, so he might not disagree.)

If this guy thinks the Muslim Brotherhood’s big goal in toppling Mubarak is instituting economic reform or shrinking government or pushing some other people-powered measure, MSNBC’s coverage of Egypt in the weeks ahead will be mighty interesting to watch.

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