It’s no secret that the large energy industry players, more commonly known as “Big Oil” to their detractors, are a source of limitless evil in progressive lore. In fact it’s become something of a rite of passage for student and young, energized activists to protest these evil corporations. Chief among the many sins of America’s energy producers is the “fact” that they are only interested in developing oil, coal and other “dirty” fuels while trying to kill off any “green energy” initiatives such as solar and wind.

It should come as no surprise then that some of these companies continue to invest in every type of available energy and get that information out to the public. In one recent case, Chevron established a program to install large scale solar panels to provide renewable energy to several schools in California. The students, clearly pleased with such a victory for clean energy efforts, responded as you would expect. They took to the streets to protest Chevron.

Students at Dwyer Middle School are making it clear they want a say in the $8 million project to put solar panels on the front lawn of their school.

More than 100 students hit the pavement Wednesday morning outside the historic middle school to protest the installation of the Chevron Energy Solutions solar array project slated for five Huntington Beach City District schools.

The protest, at least according to some of the students, was ostensibly over the location of the solar panels. The space is sometimes used for outdoor class activities, so perhaps it’s a valid issue. Or it would be if not for the fact that the school board, not Chevron, approved the location in January.

The question of precisely what the students were protesting becomes a bit more cloudy if you take a look at the signs being carried by the children.
Dwyer Protest Sign
Protect Dwyer from Chevron “Greed?” Has someone given these kids the impression that Chevron is getting rich off of putting up solar panels for schools? Plus, the schools themselves estimate that the installation will result in a savings of $1.9M in energy costs for the cash strapped district.

It’s great to see our youth taking an interest in their community and getting involved. But the parents and teachers have a responsibility to make sure that they are at least well informed enough to understand what it is that they’re talking about.

UPDATE: In the comments, reader DJ Rick did some sleuthing and came up with the following item from the source article.

Parent Annelle Wiederkehr, who has overseen the students’ efforts, said she has been impressed with the amount of work the children have put in and wants them to have their time to speak out.

And who is Annelle? Assuming it’s the same person, (and it’s a fairly unusual name to pop up twice in the same district) she may have some “other interests” politically.

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