Jon Stewart gave Steve Cohen a lesson in rhetoric and in hyperbole last night in condemning the Tennessee Democrat’s use of a Nazi analogy to attack Republicans on the floor of the House this week. Stewart demolishes Cohen’s argument that lying somehow equates to Nazi propaganda, pointing out that lying isn’t what made the Nazis Nazis. In a hilarious five-minute riff, Stewart also blasts Cohen for his non-apology apology, offered yesterday in an attempt to defuse the situation after some of his colleagues refused to defend Cohen’s unhinged rant (via The Right Scoop):

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Meanwhile, Fox had a discussion on the topic of Democratic civility with Steve Hays, Charles Krauthammer, and NPR’s Mara Liasson:

Liasson says that she tunes out anyone who uses Nazis as a comparison to anything not related to genocide, and that’s probably a good rule of thumb. But Krauthammer points out that Democrats’ “hate speech”, in a literal sense, never got the media finger-wagging that they insist on delivering now. Chris Wallace then notes that a progressive group has scheduled a protest against a Wal-Mart developer and used the dreaded cross-hairs symbol for their flyer:

Hayes calls all of the above part of the double standard of the mainstream media. Stewart, at least last night, didn’t buy into it. Good for him.