My annoyance here isn’t because her point is invalid — I said the same thing last night about taking care to keep Congress’s priorities in line with voters’ — but that, as a member of the caucus, she’s gift-wrapping a meme for the media about the GOP “overplaying its hand” or whatever. The Times a few other outlets have already picked it up, in fact. Yes, of course it’s important for Republicans to keep spending and the economy as their first order of business (ask former Speaker Pelosi about that), but isn’t that bound to happen now anyway? The House just voted to instruct the various committees to work on drafting alternate health-care legislation, which means this issue should be off the radar screen for weeks or months. DeMint’s promising to somehow force a vote on the repeal bill in the Senate, but that’ll fail and then O-Care will end up on the backburner in that chamber too. Meanwhile, we’ve got Obama set to talk about spending and deficits and jobs jobs jobs on Tuesday night and an epic battle about the debt ceiling coming next month, so I’m not really seeing how we’re dangerously bogged down in this issue. The Democrats spent nine months flailing around in the health-care quicksand. Boehner’s spent, what, 10 days? Even an eeyore like me isn’t worried (yet).

In fairness to Lena Maloney, though, she does say here that she’ll vote to repeal if/when the bill comes up. She’s still a Republican, in other words — just not a real enthusiastic one.