It’s been a tough week for Hollywood. First they get lambasted by Ricky Gervais at their own awards show, now this:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has threatened to reveal confidential offshore bank accounts of hundreds of the rich and famous.

A former Swiss banker handed the whistle-blower two CDs reputedly containing details of up to 2,000 wealthy individuals and corporations, including 40 politicians and various celebrities.

The ‘high net worth’ individuals are from Britain, America, Germany, Austria, Asia and ‘all over’, according to Rudolf Elmer, who said he wants to expose mass tax evasion.

The things celebrities have to suffer for their art…

The mention of 40 politicians is interesting as they obviously stand to be hurt by this revelation in a much more direct way. Is it possible Assange is looking for a little leverage here by announcing what he has in advance? This is his first press conference since his arrest. He has suggested in the past that the charges of rape against him in Sweden are politically motivated. He also continues to say he will fight extradition to face those charges. Brandishing a list like could certainly be seen by some as a threat. I guess we’ll see if anyone blinks.