I know what you’re going to say. “A long-dead president talking about his ‘nuts’ isn’t news, AP.” That’s true. It’s not news. It’s history. But look at it this way: If the very same recording emerged featuring Dubya chatting with his tailor about leaving room for the presidential jewels and the knife he carries around in his pocket, it’d be “newsworthy” as evidence of what an embarrassingly gauche yokel he is, wouldn’t it? As it is, this’ll be winked at as proof of LBJ’s alpha-male charm and folksy authenticity. Good enough for a blog post!

With this clip, Johnson officially vaults past Beavis into first place on the “Most Famous People/Characters Ever to Use the Word ‘Bunghole'” list. Exit question: Why does the president of the United States have to order his own pants? Don’t we pay people to do that sort of thing for him? Suddenly I’m seized by the horrible thought that, 40 years from now, we might uncover audio of Obama dictating adjustments to his mom jeans. Click the image to listen.

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