Via Buzzsugar, I’m tempted to say that this concept is played out, but as a fan of zombie flicks I’m in no position. Besides, this … looks terrific, actually. It’s nothing new if you’ve seen any of the “Scream” movies, but that’s the point, of course. The whole franchise is a sustained goof on slasher-movie conventions, with this one looking especially “meta.”

As the designated hot blonde, there’s simply no way that Hayden Panettiere survives to the last reel. Exit question: They’re not really going to kill off Neve Campbell, are they?

Update: And no sooner do I hit “publish” than the clip is yanked off YouTube. Why they’re keeping it under wraps when people are jazzed to see it, I have no idea. I’m adding the official teaser trailer below so that you’ll have something to watch.