Yesterday, the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated their arch-rivals, the Baltimore Ravens 31-24, in one of the more exciting games in that series.  The two teams combined for 55 points, when they usually have trouble reaching 30.  The Green Bay Packers nearly scored as many points all to themselves in a surprising rout of the #1 NFC seed Atlanta Falcons — making me 2-0 yesterday, and 4-2 so far in the post-season.  Can I keep the magic going today?  We’ll see:

  • Seahawks at Bears – It’s tempting to laugh this one off, but Seattle beat the Bears earlier this year in Chicago, 23-20.  At the time, Da Bears had trouble protecting Jay Cutler and the running game was struggling.  Chicago has fixed both problems in the second half of the season, which will make it difficult for the Seahawks, even playing their best football of the season the last couple of weeks.  Bears over Seahawks, 27-17.
  • Jets at Patriots – Well, we can be fairly sure that the Jets will play better than their previous visit to Foxboro, when they got thumped 45-3.  But will it be that much better?  The Jets surprised the Colts on the road last week, but Rex Ryan has to hope that the bye week makes New England as sluggish as the Falcons were last night.  If Tom Brady and the Patriots pick up where they left off in the regular season in this game, they will be unbeatable.  Pats over Jets, 31-21.
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