Over the last few days, I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with Glen Busch, the man whose Facebook comments resulted in his termination from Coats for Kids in Chicago.  The national organization eliminated Busch from his volunteer director position after more than five years after Busch posted comments on Facebook expressing his unhappiness with the politicization of the shootings in Tucson.

Fortunately, I have great news to report.  Late Friday night, the national director of Coats for Kids offered Glen his position back, apologizing for letting him go.  Glen, who had earlier written to thank me for the earlier post, informed me last night of his reinstatement:

Thank you for your offer to revisit this issue.  Thanks in large part to the response from the public to CFK, I was offered my position back late last night.  I have accepted Paul’s apology and hold absolutely no ill will towards any involved as I resume my work with the charity.

Below is a letter I have written, and will post on my FB page when I get out of work tomorrow morning (no FB at work). I thank you for your support of my right to free speech without even knowing who I am.

I was happy to do it.  Here is Glen’s letter:

To whom it may concern, January 15, 2011

The issue between myself and the Coats For Kids Foundation has been resolved. I have been offered back my position as the director of the Chicago office. I have accepted this offer and I am very happy to do so. This has been a very difficult time for all of us and I am thankful it can now be put to rest.

I further ask that everyone who reads this can accept that people sometimes make mistakes and what is truly important is how we respond to them. I am very satisfied with how the response from the foundation has been and I hold no ill will towards anyone involved. This issue will help us grow, learn, and become better people for having walked through it. I personally ask that those who have hesitated in supporting this cause over this last week join us as we rebuild the good will and reputation of this great cause as we move forward on behalf of others.

CFK is a 100% volunteer organization and over 95% of all donations received go directly to the purchase, transportation and distribution of brand new winter coats to children all across the United States. To date WE have distributed over 38,000 coats to those in the most need among us. We look forward to continuing this effort until every child is warm.

Warmest regards,

Glen Busch, Director

Coats For Kids-Chicago

Let me reiterate Glen’s point.  Paul Darby made a mistake in terminating Glen, a mistake that Darby has rectified by restoring Glen to the position where he can help poor kids in Chicago to keep warm in the wintertime.  We all make mistakes; what matters is what we do to correct them.  Darby and CfK have done their part, and now hopefully we can do ours.  Help Glen in his efforts to help the children of Chicago and show what support you can at the website for CfK Chicago.

Note: The website may be down today, but will be back up tomorrow at latest, I believe.  Also, the NFL post will come up at noon today.

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