Hey, I think Bill Whittle is being a little unfair here.  Where’s the Lily Ledbetter Act? Bill scores the first two years of Barack Obama’s presidency based on Obama’s own campaign promises, and … well, see for yourself:

Bill doesn’t add ObamaCare to his list of ten promises, but does mention that its constitutionality is still an open question in court.  Otherwise, while none of these defeats mentioned by Bill are a surprise to Hot Air readers, his comprehensive presentation of them amounts of a rather damning grade of failure — and Bill never really gets around to Obamanomics.  Remember when the stimulus bill was supposed to keep unemployment below 8%?  Remember when the massive interventions in the housing market were supposed to prevent foreclosures from accelerating?  How have those worked out, too?

A little over year ago, Obama gave himself a “good, solid B-plus.”  I wonder if he’d settle for an incomplete now.