We’ve been chewing all week on palate-cleansing feelgood candy from the man with the golden voice, but I actually like this story better. Remember this much-buzzed-about piece from the Boston Globe published right before Christmas? It was linked here in Headlines and at various news sites but deserved more attention; evidently ABC thought so too, because they went and put together a video segment about the Parker family and Rudy Favard, a.k.a. the World’s Sweetest Linebacker. I recommend reading both the Globe article and the accompanying ABC story before watching since, alas, the clip doesn’t quite do justice to Favard’s character or the bond that’s developed between him and the Parkers. According to the Globe, he’s already been accepted by four colleges but his choice will be constrained by their offers of financial aid. To which I say, if a school can’t come up with a little extra cash for a kid like this, they might as well close their doors. Exit quotation: “Just lend a hand. It’s not that hard.”