Note well: This isn’t an ad that Doritos is running in the Super Bowl, just one that they posted on their website (and refused to remove) after a fan submitted it for their contest with Pepsi. The bad news? Even to an ex-Catholic like me, it feels cheap. Blasphemy in defense of principle, like free speech, is welcome; blasphemy in the service of humor can be fun. Blasphemy to sell bags of Cool Ranch chips? Eh. They have every right, but aside from Richard Dawkins and maybe Hitch, who’s more likely to buy Doritos after watching this? And yes, needless to say, before we get 500 comments making this point, they wouldn’t have dared pull this with any other faith. Especially the one in which liberal crusaders against blasphemy laws occasionally end up murdered in cold blood by their own security.

The good news? We’re guaranteed some mighty entertaining Bill Donohue interviews on cable over the next few days. Two clips for you here, one of the spot and the other via Mediaite of Megyn Kelly desperately trying to fill six minutes of airtime with this. Oh, Megyn: If I have to be trapped in slow-news hell with anyone, I’m glad it’s you.

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