In the end, it wasn’t even close — nor should it have been.  Out of four choices, Barack Obama’s bizarre decision to leave a press conference defending the deal he made with Republicans in the Senate on tax rates and leave Bill Clinton in charge in the briefing room garnered nearly half of all votes.  Three weeks ago, if someone had asked me to guess which OOTD would win the top prize, I might have guessed the remark about making enough money or his serial inability (or refusal) to properly quote the Declaration of Independence.  After that, as one commenter put it at the time, we might as well have closed out the polling altogether.  Out of 8,416 votes cast, the abandonment of the presser garnered 4,138, or 49.17% of all votes.

Now we enter a new year, and we’ll keep our eyes open for more amateurish stumbles from President Obama.  We’ll also hope that he learns from experience … or failing that, we’ll hope that voters do.

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