I wonder what inspired this booking. Did Uygur think Barron was going to come on and join him in a round of right-bashing because of the CPAC boycotts? Or was the point simply to have him on so that Uygur could laugh derisively for the benefit of MSNBC’s viewers when Barron inevitably defended conservatives? As background on this, read Gabe Malor’s post at Ace’s site this morning listing some of the socially conservative groups who still plan to attend CPAC notwithstanding GOProud’s participation. There is no “social con boycott” of the event; frankly, it does social conservatives a disservice to suggest that there is.

Barron does a nice job here but could have fielded Uygur’s question better about why so many Republicans voted against repealing DADT. There may be, as RCP argues, a generational gap on this question in Congress, with senators in their early 50s — even conservatives ones like Richard Burr — more prone to siding with the left on gay issues than older Republicans are. That’s perfectly in keeping with national polling showing more tolerance for gays among younger demographics. Which is to say, per Uygur’s critique, while the GOP hasn’t traditionally welcomed gays, it’s far more likely to do so in the future. Click the image to watch.

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