“The news of Brian Aitken’s release inspired his attorney to declare Christie ‘a hero to gun owners across the nation.’

“But is he really? Not so much…

“‘I don’t think Second Amendment issues played too much into his decision,’ Fiamingo said. ‘It does show that the governor is a compassionate and reasonable man. When he looked at the situation the facts represented themselves.’…

“‘We’ll be watching,’ Fiamingo said, adding he still is not clear where Christie is on gun control.

“‘I don’t want to say I’m happy with him as a conservative,’ Fiamingo said. ‘That still remains to be seen.'”

“Chris Christie wasn’t appeasing the NRA or 2012 Republican primary voters. And sadly, he isn’t anything resembling a ‘friend’ to gun owners. A northeast Republican, Christie’s stance on firearms is as draconian as that of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The simple fact of the matter is that if Christie’s views on firearms were widely known, his chances of capturing the 2012 Republican primaries would go up in smoke…

“Christie doesn’t just support New Jersey’s draconian gun control laws. He ran for office on a platform of making even more restrictive the absurd gun laws that made Brian Aitken a felon. Let us be blunt: Chris Christie supports a system of gun laws purposefully designed to entrap and disarm society.

“Christie doesn’t trust his own citizens to exercise responsibly their constitutional rights to firearms. He may be a hero to some, but from the position of a gun owner, he’s no better than the freedom-hating Democrat he replaced.”

“In all of Mexico, there is only one gun store. The shop, known officially as the Directorate of Arms and Munitions Sales, is operated by the Mexican military. The clerks wear pressed green camouflage. They are soldiers…

“To go shopping for a gun in Mexico, customers must come to Mexico City – even if they live 1,300 miles away in Ciudad Juarez. To gain entry to the store, which is on a secure military base, customers must present valid identification, pass through a metal detector, yield to the security wand and surrender cellphones and cameras.

“To buy a gun, clients must submit references and prove that their income is honestly earned, that their record is free of criminal charges and that their military obligations, if any, have been fulfilled with honor. They are fingerprinted and photographed. Finally, if judged worthy of owning a small-caliber weapon to protect home and hearth, they are allowed to buy just one. And a box of bullets.

“Mexico has some of the toughest gun-control laws in the world, a matter of pride for the nation’s citizens. Yet Mexico is awash in weapons.”