… a really tough choice. Thanks to an unending supply of potential nominees, Reason TV must have spent at least a few hours just making a decision on which bureaucratic Nosy Parker to honor with this year-end award. Ted Balaker puts this together like an Academy Award show, except this has some funny and entertaining moments, and it lasts less than two minutes. The eventual winner isn’t a real surprise, but the finale does bring one last excellent reference to the Oscars:

It’s hard to argue with the winner. San Francisco actually got two Nanny of the Month awards, one for the city, and one for the county, which made it the odds-on favorite for the big prize. We’ve hosted most of the monthly videos, thanks to the excellent work at Reason TV and the ludicrous nature of these government interventions, so it’s worth checking with Hot Air readers to pick our own winner. Take the poll and make your choice — and if you need any reminders, just watch the Nanny of the Month videos from the past year to refresh your memories!