Michael Vick has done an impressive job thus far in his rehabilitation.  His return to the NFL has been so successful that Vick now leads in Pro Bowl voting and has the Philadelphia Eagles on the verge of a playoff seat, if not a division title.  But something is apparently missing from Vick’s path to redemption, and he’d like a chance to fill the gap.  Who wants to volunteer a cute little puppy to Vick’s tender care?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?

I suspect that most people would have the reaction of the CNN anchor here, which is … “Run, Fido, run!” I’m not sure whether Vick’s parole bars him from owning a dog, but if it does, it wouldn’t be for a lifetime. At some point, if not now, Vick will have the same freedom as anyone else to go to the pet store or other seller and pick out a pet. If he does, Vick will set up a cottage industry for people to keep watch on the health of Fido, and that at least would help send the message to Vick that his rehabilitation better be on the level. If he picks out a bichon or a Pekingese, the dog’s probably safe. If it’s a pit bull or mastiff, well … run, Fido, run!

Should Vick be allowed to own a pet, or is it really any of our business if he does? Take the poll:

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