Dave Weigel did all the googling on this, including finding the clip below, so rather than reprint the key quotes I’m going to make you read his post. Huck’s claiming today that while he did indeed support the idea of businesses voluntarily going green, he’s never been in favor of forcing them to do so. Which, in an age of conservative rebellion against mandates of any kind, is the only thing he can realistically say. But read Weigel’s post and watch the vid, paying special attention to what he says starting at around 2:08. Did I hear something in there about the Senate and “implementing true cap and trade”? That sounds awfully … mandate-y.

Among the various sources laboring under the allegedly mistaken impression that Huck supports regulating C&T: Bloomberg News, the Council on Foreign Relations, environmentalist websites, and even his own fan pages. As Hugh Hewitt might say, you know who this benefits? Mitt Romney. Exit question: Granted, this isn’t quite the albatross that RomneyCare is for Mitt, but on a scale of one to 10, how big is it?