Via Mediaite, it’s the palate-cleansing musical equivalent of a frosty cup of eggnog spiked with a heavy, heavy hallucinogen. Two things here. One: Obviously, to make this go truly viral, Marceaux should have invited other underdog heroes of the campaign to make cameos. Imagine a whole “We Are the World” group session featuring him, Alvin Greene, the “Rent Is Too Damn High” guy, and so on.

Two: Is it just me or is he sort of in on the joke here? At times he appears to be mugging knowingly for the camera, as if to heighten the absurdity, which scrambles the whole “Basil Marceaux” narrative. Old theory: He’s a charmingly oblivious eccentric with a quixotic dream of higher office. New theory: He’s a performance artist satirizing the American political process via the charmingly oblivious eccentric character of “Basil Marceaux.” Kind of like “Red State Update,” but much, much weirder. Oh, by the way: This tune is apparently available on iTunes. Really.